Valhalla to host the July Meet-Up of the Product Innovators

Kevin Greene and Kiran Hebbar will be hosting the Product Innovators' next gathering on July 21 at the Teqcorner LLC in McLean, VA.

The Product Innovators is comprised of people engaged in product innovation, product development and product market management in the greater Washington D.C. metro area.

The next Product Innovators meetup will start at 6pm on Thursday, July 21st. Teqcorner has graciously offered to host our next gathering. There will be plenty of time set aside for networking, but we also plan to break out into 3 topical discussion groups (to be determined by you) for a period of time before reconvening as a group.

Check out what members are saying about Product Innovators:

"Very helpful to engage in this way with other start-up companies. Very useful." - Eric Broyles

"This was only my first meeting, but I have a positive impression that this is a valuable place to get connected with the startup community." - Bill Anderson

"Seems well organized. I am glad that everyone I talked to wasn't a vendor trying to sell. A large majority of the attendees had products and services they were actively improving or developing." - Rizwan Ali

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